45/2021/14: Unplanned

Sometimes I have things in my head that is not listed to be done but I know they need to be done. Most times I know there are things, for example, that has to be done this week / today / this month … etc. But then there’s the unplanned.

what is the unplanned for me? things that land in my lap by choice or chance or emergency that i haven’t factored into the schedule or programme for the …

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

Fascinatingly though … some of the things that “should’ be the unplanned in my life have over the past few years become … or rather … has settled somewhere in some filing cabinet in my brain because the have popped up as repeated unplanneds … so when this happened they somehow become unplanneds that’s been planned for in a weird way.

Weird, I tell you.

so when you read this and you think what this weirdness is I’m writing … it’s okay … with me … weird is okay.

If you’ve been reading my blogs you will know that this is an unplanned topic in a planned blog. About this I smile.

So I have thing in my mind that has become part of the planning situation … even if they are unplanned. A space just happens. Coz … well, yeah … I don’t know.

When did my mind decide it’s okay for them to become a file in a cabinet in my mind? Interesting. My cabinets are open, by the way, everything in my head is linked. So even though the unplanned is in a dark corner, I am aware. Maybe way too aware. Factors to consider become many.

There’s a golden thread running through them all. Connecting everything. I’m always expectant of something, because that’s how certain situations condition me. I’m aware. It means that I am too alert most times … even when I just look down.

It would be nice to be where I can just be me. Relax. I’ve been in such a place before. Maybe I’ll go there again. Or maybe I should find another.

Cryptic. Brain. Why.

This is how unplanned this blog was. I’m just gonna let it. Connect.

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