45/2021/20: It is what it is.

A conversation I had today reminded me of this sentence: “It is what it is.”
There was a time in my life when I really hated hearing it and seeing because I never believed that that is just the end of it before. It never sat well with me. It still doesn’t. (hear me sigh)

It’s the first day of June 2021.

The other line that I love to remember is something that a late friend always used to say to me and probably to many other people: “Everything’s gonna be okay.” A line that makes me smile. It reminds me of the love, the relationship, the friendship, the trust, the fun, the drama and the celebrations. A warm fuzzy feeling. I want to believe that things are going to be okay in the dark corners where I am battling with questions and question marks and lack of belief and disappointments.

Again … ‘It is what it is …’
I looked at the harbour every day after I heard that line. I couldn’t be angry. I was hurt, sad, disappointed … but not angry.
The memories were lovely.

I find myself in another situation at present … totally unrelated to the above … my entire being is revolting against saying “It is what it is.” I wish we could talk. Really talk. Awake. Honest. Real talk. Truth. Say the things we need to say, have to say, want to say … and then move on. Whatever the direction. Probably away from …

I don’t want to say it. I don’t want to say good bye. I probably should.

It is what it is …

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