45/2021/23: FriYAY???

The day kinda flew by. It feels like a myriad of feelings and actions and things and Friday. I feel like I’m supposed to be doing some kind of happy dance because it’s weekend … however … the days feel like they’re flowing into each other with one coming and one going … all the time and every day and … it just …

And then I had a little meet up with friends. Haven’t seen them in a while … the one I hadn’t seen for years. What a lovely gathering. Interesting company. Lessons. Blessings. The beauty of the Dwars River Valley surrounding us.

The beauty of meeting and catching up and staying in contact with people who’s known you since forever is that they know you and you know them on another level. There’s an understanding unspoken. An interest. A respect and space for growth and stories to be shared. Asking questions and advice. Layers … Years … Stories …

And that was followed by an interesting conversation about racism at a place where I studied years ago … a conversation with a current student. Thought-provoking.

But for now … let me just breathe and reflect on the beauty that I was surrounded with while having a cup of tea and spending time with people who has known me for decades … look up … breathe deeply …

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