45/2021/24: The Kids

The better part of this day was spent with my brothers’ children. Watching them play, paint, jump on a trampoline endlessly … they don’t get tired. It was adorable. It was beautiful. Magical. Wonderful. Wonder-ful. Love. Family.

I wondered what it would be like if I had had a child or children. Where they would fit into this lottle (a little, but a lot) love.

I have a lot of love in my life in the shapes and sizes of numerous children.

Grateful. Grieve. Grateful.

I watched with wonder and wondering how they could jump continuously for hours and entertain each other with so much laughter and fun and smiles … forgetting that I too once jumped on trampolines for hours at a time … years ago. It was fun and crazy and madness and laughter and happinesses and everything holiday jumbled all in one.

It was a good day. They had a lovely time. More of those would be the magical.

Image by Tresia Hoban from Pixabay

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