45/2021/27: I don’t want to fight

I really don’t want to …
And with fighting I mean unnecessary fighting in the form of verbal altercations or arguments and such. Being overly sensitive and / or easily offended by something trivial. I’d rather just have a conversation. An honest one. A hard one. Heart words. Yes, it will probably hurt some feelings or egos … we’ll get over it. I want to solve the matter and move on. Yes, move on to the things that really matter. There’s so much going on in the world, country, province, town, street … don’t you think? Do we still have time to waste on trivialities? Do we? Really? No judgment, it’s an honest question. I get stuck in the trivialities too … often. Little things.

Fire and Water
Image by Iván Tamás from Pixabay

Little things matter … which little things. It depends.

I just don’t want to fight.

I just want to have a conversation. A few one on ones.

I think I have withdrawal symptoms.

Today had a few fight-ish moments. It was so tiring. It could have been solved a long time ago. An email that should have been answered in the expected time with the information given today, unfriendly customer service person at one of our big banks and then a little thing with a person close to me … I didn’t have the energy to address the latter. I’m letting it slide.

I wish I can look into your eyes again and hear that everything’s gonna be okay …

Eyes. Home. Soul.

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