45/2021/32: Sundays

Sundays are interesting days in my life. Especially when I live with family.

When I lived on my own a Sunday could take on various shapes and forms. I always started with church though.

When living with family, it starts with church and then … yah … I dunno. Usually I have to cook the entire or a part of the Sunday lunch / late lunch meal. We all eat together at the same time. And then some other time when some rest and others … well … chill? Sometimes go for a drive, pre-Covid go Salsa at Sea Point every second Sunday …

I went to church today. It was good. I thought of you who do not go to church but have asked me twice already what the message was. I didn’t tell you. It made me think … on the days that you ask did I really listen? Why couldn’t I answer? What was going on in my head when you asked? Why didn’t I answer?

Today was church, serving, a quick visit to my youngest bro and his family – parentals was with and I thought it would be good for them to see their son and his family. Got home … cook, eat, dishes, bake pudding, eat, do dishes, sit … tired tired tired. It’s also dragon time in my cells … doesn’t help. Fire-spitting.

The day kinda melted away in a way I cannot describe. It’s just gone. Like melting ice cream that I can’t stop. And somewhere at the back of my mind there’s you and you. Unfinished. This ongoing malady of madness dwelling because … well … lack of contact / conversation / connection?

Ice cubes melting
Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

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