45/2021/33: The Stretch(es)

Giraffe Image by
HowardWilks from Pixabay

A friend sent me a 7 day, 1 minute a day stretch challenge. Just one minute. What impact would that make one would ask? Well, I started today. What I stretched feels better. I have forgotten how important stretching is and how good it is for one’s body. And this after 1 minute today. But a changed lifestyle starts with little change which grow into habits, right? Gots to start somewhere. So … 1 minute a day for 7 days started today.

Consistency is required. When did I lose that? I know this. My life used to be scheduled around the consistency of exercise. Eish … I’m going to have to start from the beginning!!! Flexibility and mobility … especially for my joints!!!

It reminded me of the 6 minute stretch routine that I have saved somewhere. And a 3 minute one. And a 5 minute one. Wow … been wanting to start stretching since … yeah.

Why stretching?
It’s important for me and my joints. Flexibility. Health. Strength.

I haven’t been looking after my body well. At some point in time I was playing squash, doing functional fitness and dancing regularly. I had stamina for days, was flexible enough and I was strong. I feel like my body is giving me a WTH-look!!! And saying “Do something, woman!!!” LOL! Yes, I tell myself that that’s what the bod is saying. A person must listen to a person’s body. It speaks.

So, yeah … let’s get stretching!

I’ll do an update after the 7 days to see how I feel.

Let’s do this!!!

Cat stretching Image by
Jonathan Sautter from Pixabay

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