45/2021/35: A good day

Today is Youth Day in South Africa and in Africa International Day of the African Child.

I did not spend much time thinking about 16 June 1976.

I spent time with the children in our family. Three, to be specific. 4, 6 and 8 years old.

What a day.

It was a busy day. I had to do some shopping and I made two pots of soup (potato and leek / broccoli and spinach) and occasionally entertained one or all three. Levels!

The youngest played her cousin tired. It was hilarious. He took breaks from her occasionally. Getting into his bed (top bunk) and pulling up the ladder.

I don’t think I had time to think today. I just did what needed to be done or what was requested. And even now, … too tired. I enjoy being busy. It keeps my mind at bay and gives challenging situations time to marinade and sometimes resolve itself or the direction to the answer manifests.

It was a good day. There’s a little niggle here and there. But it was a good day.

The kids … they made it everything!

Just love.

Soup ingredients
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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