45/2021/36: A little break

My niece has a few days off. For those days she decided that she needs a little holiday. Since her parents are working she decided that he holiday would be to sleep in a different bed, for a change of scenery (as she explained to me). My bed.

Image by JayMantri from Pixabay

I love the thinking.

She has decided that it will be my bed from past Tuesday evening until Saturday evening. After that it’s back to school.

I just smiled.

Sharing my bed with an 8 year old. Interesting …

We all need a change of scenery, now more than ever. And her little change of scenery was eye opening in some ways. Little changes can help especially in situations where one needs to break the norm. The intentional decision by an 8 year old to create a change of scenery even if it’s just sleeping in another room in the house is very creative. It helps that she can go to bed a little later too.

Do we do that for ourselves? Think of taking little breaks, making small changes to shift the gaze? It’s important. It changes the routine and brings a little breath of fresh air in times when we can’t go on a holiday or a weekend break or …

Little creative changes …

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