45/2021/37: Quick breather

Today was unplanned and planned. I knew coffee with a friend was on the cards. I knew I had to take my Mom to the optometrist. I didn’t know Mom wanted to go have coffee to get out a little. I should’ve known. Coz that one … she always wants to be extra … a great thing I learnt from her … I do it too. She gets it from her parents … and she becomes more and more like her Mom. Quite and interesting thing to be privileged to observe. Makes me smile. So grateful that I knew my Gran so well as to recognise her in her children, Grandpa too.

Postcard Café, Stark-Condé Wines

While I was sitting at Postcard Café on the Stark-Condé wine estate today, I took a little time to breathe. I was thinking of who I would want there with me. Very specific people came to mind. One at a time. People who would enjoy the atmosphere with me and just chill. Taking in the surroundings. Good company. People I know. People who know me. Breathe. Look up. Mountains. Grass. Water. Vineyards. Lovely.

I can sit here and work. Maybe I should do that some time. Coffee, wifi and the beauty that surrounds me. Sounds like a possibility. It would mean that every time I look up it would be like a little holiday, a little break, a little inspiration.

Looking up has meant, means and always will mean so much to me as it changes focus, perspective and forces me to look and see what’s going on around me. To connect with nature and with people and animals and what I see. To observe to listen to take in to breathe. To make sure that I do not remain in my own little bubble and be absorbed by it. To see things that inspire me, to breathe, to do, to just be …

Take time to breathe a little … you need it … you’re important.

Stark-Condé Wines

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