45/2021/42: Voice notes

I love sending voice notes on Whatsapp!!!
Or voice memos as one of my friends called it today.

It has become so much more liked in my life during this pandemic and lockdown. It gives me the opportunity to express myself through my voice so that there’s no misunderstanding and no need to read between lines. I prefer a voice note as an answer, but I do understand that some people don’t like to record themselves, accidentally press play and hear their own voices played back. It’s awkward for some people. It was awkward for me once too … over it coz too much typing. I have too many words to say.

I thought about my voice note history today. The things that I have said and shared via these recordings. The emotions displayed. Tears, anger, frustration, disappointment … all of them and more. In reflection I am fascinated by my willingness to have my words recorded and sent via a chat platform. It’s saved somewhere … let’s hope it destroyed where it’s saved! For the things that I have confessed … love, heartbreak, happiness, success, hurt, everything … wow.

What a journey.

These days I generally send voice notes after 8. Too lazy to type and too lazy to change my glasses to my reading glasses. Yes, I have reading glasses. And I’m loving it! The drama around changing glasses to work on a computer or to check your phone … well, it’s either that or taking off my normal specs and holding the phone close to my face. Hahaha! Age is beautiful, wonderful and interesting (this can also read sometimes challenging).

When I heard my voice recorded for the first time (singing and talking), I was quite surprised. My voice definitely did not sound the way I thought it sounded, neither did my accent. I was fascinated. Learning about the voice though absolutely changed my thinking about what I hear in my head and what other people hear listening to me. Fascinating.

I love sending voice notes. Looong ones. I think my longest voice note I’ve sent was between 15 and 20 minutes. Horrible, I know. But it was a great catch up!!!

I love voice notes so much a few friends have suggested that I start a podcast … Hmmm … I’m thinking about it …

Do what you love!
Love what you do!
Live, laugh and love life!

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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