45. the beginning of 46.

It’s my birthday today. Well, it’s almost the end of the day. 45. Tomorrow will be the first day of my 46th year on the globe we call Earth.

Today I wondered if we ever think about the fact that … by the time it is our birthday and we get the new number (age), we are actually finished with the nr. Our new number starts in earnest the next day. So tomorrow I’m starting my 46th year … 45 and 1 day …

Just wondering …

The day was good. A continuation of Saturday. Blessed. Loved. Filled with relationship and connection … socially distanced and masked up … of course. And it ended with the president announcing a level up …

My brothers cooked, my sisters-in-law helped, my parents spoilt, my nephews and nieces were cute and sang (and lip sync’ed) and entertained and were just lovely … my friends were friends. The love was tangible. The food was delicious! The cakes were divine. And life is beautiful!

The messages were overflowingly plentiful.

Love lives here. It was a warm, loving, bountiful, beautiful and blessed time with everybody who was part of it through presence, words, deeds, messages, phone calls. I appreciate all of it. I love the surprise messages from directions I never expected it from.

Grateful to start this new year and this new chapter with people who have chosen me, people whom I have chosen.



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