45: The Day

I was born on a Sunday. My birthday this year is today, a Sunday. It was tea time when I was born. I should ask my Mother more about the actual day … what happened, how it happened, details … I think she’ll remember. My Dad too.

I am grateful for parents who are in their 70s, healthy and well cared for. They’re amazing and support and encourage us still.

My birthday this year was lovely. I slept in, got breakfast in bed, brothers cooked and families ate together (just before Level 4 started again) and 3 friends came over for tea and cake after 6pm. My nieces and nephew did their thang and I love them for it. My godchildren and people all around the world, family and friends, showered me with love in the form of messages, voicenotes, whatsapps, phone calls, Facebook posts, … pick a platform!!! A full day filled with love and happiness and AMAZING cheesecake and lovely Hummingbird cake by Because Cake and birthday. A celebration of health, love and gratitude.

Today is the start of my 46th year on the globe. I have amazing friends, family who love me, secret desires, heartsmiles, love, joy and a job starting soon. I am grateful amidst the chaos of a pandemic and the start of a third wave.

That’s all.
Life is beautiful.

I am loved.

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