20211202: already late

It seems I’ve lost my direction already. Late. Day 2.

A friend ‘s birthday was yesterday. I’ve known her since 1994. Today she was appointed (after being headhunted) into a high profile position. I’m proud of her. She deserves all of it.

Makes me wonder. What have I been doing. Where have I been going. What has been my vibe. Who is my tribe(s). I know the answers. I just wondered today what it looks like from the outside? Do I work hard? Do I work smart? Am I ‘smart’ as some people think?

There’s one person in my life who said to me that I have wasted time. I’m grateful for that one. He said many other things. Encouraging. He deserves a whole post. A few. But let’s do one. Not today. I appreciate the honesty. Always. No frills.

So from the outside, what would I look like to me? Would I be judgemental? Critical? What would I think if I look at the things that I do? How I do it? Day 2.

It’s December. Somewhere at the back of my mind the past few months are being reflected upon. The one thing I know is that January things will be different. Because I decided so. Preparations.

It feels like I was thrown into a complicated dish that I had to figure out from the inside out … reversing the process to get to the ingredients to understand how it was put together with the swishes and swashes and sprinkles and trinkets.

The end product doesn’t make sense to me. I’m getting closer to the deconstruction. But because it’s cooked dish, I will never to complete deconstruction. Things have been cooked and has been simmering for a while.

Cryptic. Well, probably.

It’s been a while.

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