20211204: venting

It’s been going for a while. I have a place where I go where I say the things I want to say the way I really want to say it. after that it becomes a process of elimination. eliminating the words that make it subjective preventing the real message to come across. I’m grateful for that place and that person. very grateful. the person … a writing on its own. it will happen.

it’s important to take the moment to vent. a moment. the moment. don’t overstay your welcome. venting has a place, a space, a time, a reason … and then it’s done. for me that it. get it out of my system and move one. change what needs to be changed thereafter. said what needs to be said. live. love. laugh. be bold. be wise.



make. it. better.

vent in the space made for it … safe for it. not just somme anywhere. choose your space well.

let your heart rage in that space and figure things out … if it doesn’t happen the first time, go again until your heart is at peace.

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