20211205: Sunday and her

church. godchild. friendship. coffee. pudding. quality time. love.

Yes, I went to church this morning. And I had coffee and good conversation there. We laughed a little. The message was good.

And then? Sunshine. That’s what she is. Always excited to see me. Always loving. Always giving. Always lovely. A child she is. I hope and pray that our relationship will grow. I love how she owns me as her godmother. She tells me that she will be sitting there and waiting for me. She’s unhappy when I talk to her parents for too long – she complains to them about it. She gave me a mani and a pedi. each toe was probably a different colour. i will be wearing my multicolour toes and fingers with pride for a few days.

love lives here.

feel it. acknowledge it. envelop yourself in it. soak it in.

Image by efes from Pixabay

i promised her a longer visit in our holidays. we’ll do things she likes. watch a movie, make slime, bake stuff … it’s time.

i left feeling wanted, needed, appreciated. i hope she know how much i love her. she said she didn’t want me to go yet and she wanted me to stay longer.

i have so much admiration for her speaking her heart. i wish i had the courage to do that sometimes when i know it should happen.

grateful to her parents for the space they give us and the watchful eye. it’s such a privilege to be her godmother. so much love for that little girl.

she brings so much love into this world. she loves so lovingly and freely. i learn so much from her.

my heart smiles. my cup runneth over. hugs galore.

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