20211206: mammogram

there’s a first time for anything, many things, mammograms …

today was that day. 5 years overdue. i went. it took a long time. didn’t know all of the things were going to be done … mammogram and a sonar … intense. huge ground to cover. different angles of my breast. i know them better than ever before. cysts. 3 to be exact. fluid-filled. 1 on 1 side, 2 on the other. nothing to worry about unless they cause pain, if they do they need to be drained … with a needle. sounds sore. well, if it needs to be done it needs to be done. but not yet.

Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay

cysts. dark spots on the sonar. intense dark spots. amazing what technology helps us see, isn’t it? growths look different, dense. my cysts are dark coz there’s fluid in them.

apparently cysts are a regular occurrence.

we need to talk about these things more often. as people. normalise talking about the things that are part of our routine. like we need to talk about pap smears and its results. share the family medical history (a story for another day) so that our sons and daughters can know. they must know. we must help them prepare.

it wasn’t sore for me. many have told me that mammograms are quite sore. to me just slightly uncomfortable. having my anatomy arranged by someone else to get the best angle. that sounds strange. well, it needed to be in the right position to get all the information. not?

we need to talk.

let’s talk

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