20211210: it’s oh so quiet

Image by Oleg Mityukhin from Pixabay

today was a quiet day at work. i had a lot to do and did a lot. i was busy. it was quiet. i loved it. i need a few more of those. hopefully next week. got things to do.

i need more quiet. everything has been too busy this year. my heart, my head, my life, my … well … it just feels like it was busy, not in my usual way … just inside and inside my insides. weird thing to say hey? fatigued but still going on like a neverending story …

quiet i need to think again. to plan my 2022 – the things that i can plan. to plot and strategise and prepare as much as possible for as much as possible. this is next week’s agenda. no pressure. i need to pick up a few books and read during my holiday.

covid cases are climbing.

liquor store specials were alive today. it was interesting. people pre-empting another liquor ban? liquor bans keep people quiet in their yards, music is not played as loud coz people are limiting their alcohol intake. interesting. quiet. adhering to noise level rules is much easier when you are sober.

someone has resurfaced in my life. he is also quiet. he speaks with a soft quiet calm tone. such an opposite of how i sometimes come across. it actually calms me down in an amusing way. i don’t think i completely understand it. but it’s quiet. and i love it.

shhh … i want to hear the wind and the rain and the sea. i want to feel it with my ears. clear my thoughts and completely listen to the sounds of nature. shhh …

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