20211211: new people

this is what i said. i went for coffee. 6 hours long coffee. i had to laugh afterwards.

i met new people. how lovely it was to be in a different place, space, culture, people … new people. unplanned. welcoming. lovely. easy-going, new people. and i spent hours in their company, in their home.

the reason i was there was an invitation from a friend. it was lovely.

on my way back i thought about a few things. the thought ahead of all was … when was the last time i met new people with whom i spent some time? take in the new and different conversation. look at them, experience them, see them. laughed with them, conversed with them, spent time with them. when was the last time? the level of chill was so lovely. i was spoilt.

i missed meeting people. i miss meeting people. i miss the fresh new connection of just being exposed to different and the same. new names, new faces, new conversations, new interpretations.

Image by pencil parker from Pixabay

this pandemic has taken so much away from us.

has it made me see things that aren’t there? floating thought.

i wonder if it was as nice for them to meet me as it was for me meeting them? i want to say it doesn’t matter, but it does. it matters. connection matters.

there’s a connection that i need to disconnect. ugh. stop.

back to new connections. delightful. enriching. educational. entertaining. thoughtful. there was a comfort. it was fun. it was an unexpected pleasure. i enjoyed it. when was the last time i could just enjoy the moment? i wish it lasted longer. i had to go home though.

i used to meet new people weekly. that’s the way i lived. the places i visited. the things i did. and then …

the feeling of being spoilt is rare in my life. i appreciated it. to be able to sit on the same seat for 6 hours and have things brought to you … lovely. i don’t think that has ever happened intentionally. why not?

could i have more of that, please? just so now and then … sprinkles of spoils. it would be nice.

i would really appreciate it.

please and thank you.

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