20211212: (don’t) rest day

i need to learn to rest. it’s Sunday today. i didn’t go to church. omicron.

the president tested positive for covid. fully vaccinated. the conversation around it is interesting. i’m over the drama and the division. why do people continue with the division in the midst of a pandemic? who’s got the time?

i don’t feel like i rested. my mind is working overtime. i need rest. i need to stop. stop. stop properly. breathe. stop. breathe deeply. rest. i’m not switching off. and it’s catching up with me. i sleep. i don’t sleep properly. rest …

Image by Ralf Designs from Pixabay

i need to find a way to rest well. suggestions?

i am just realising this.

restless …

i haven’t felt rejuvenated in ages … there’s always something i’m thinking about that needs my attention … why? for what? for who? is it really mine to think about? is it necessary for me to help? am i needed there? when can i just me? sink into a couch and be? do absolutely nothing …

i need to rest
i want to rest
how … i think i’ve forgotten … i haven’t in so long … a carefree rest day / weekend / week …

when was the last time I felt fresh after some sleep or after a holiday or …

i know when …

breathe …

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