20211214: gotta do what i gotta do

today loads of physical work needs to be done. banking moving removing …

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

the last few days before my leave starts. my calendar has already filled up with things to do in my break of three weeks … fascinating. the want to connect. the need to see and talk. it’s that time of the year. connection is prevalent. my to-do list is still long. loads of physical things needing to happen at work. i don’t want to start 2022 the way i finished 2021. some things need to change, move, disappear …

i cannot even remember what is on my list, never mind ticking it off!!! my head is already in holiday. lol! how evens?

my day was busy and calm. the coffee was good. one cancellation of an appointment made space for a super interesting conversation with someone who people would underestimate. i got so much information and history and amazing stories. it was GREAT! i need to look for a few books that i want to read over the next few weeks. i just realised … i have a to-do list even for my holiday! hahaha!

i should maybe call the holiday list a like-to list … breathe deeply, laugh out loud, be quiet, enjoy connection and conversation, be present, read, read, read, take walks along the beach, swim, enjoy moments, have good conversation, dance!

i just want to come out on the other side revived, refreshed, rejuvenated …

it’s going to be great!

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