2020: 7

25 December It's Christmas! What a day. Lowkey. Quiet. Sadness. More death. Life. Joy. Gratitude. Resilience. Connection. Reconnection. Gifts. Thank yous. Noise. Silence. Laughter. Messages. Thoughts. Tired. Busyness. Cooking. Baking. Table setting. Surprises. Joy. Love. Peace. I have not much to day,Except today, was a good day.Thank you. The Grinch

2020: 31

01 December Prime. Again. Many. Today is Kra's birthday and Noms's. Two formidable women. Grateful. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay December has me adding another skill ... knitting. Yes. Don't think about it too hard. I'm announcing it today because I am starting tomorrow. Accountability. I'm knitting summer things. For me and for ... well, … Continue reading 2020: 31

2020: 98

She’s leaving. They’re leaving. All the preparations for this moment. Nerves and excitement. Sadness. Gladness. A new chapter. Reunited. Family together. So much to look forward too. We stay behind. Family. Friends. Happy for them. Joyful. Hidden sadness. First leg in South Africa. And then away ... destination will be reached on Monday. The conversations … Continue reading 2020: 98