2020: 7

25 December It's Christmas! What a day. Lowkey. Quiet. Sadness. More death. Life. Joy. Gratitude. Resilience. Connection. Reconnection. Gifts. Thank yous. Noise. Silence. Laughter. Messages. Thoughts. Tired. Busyness. Cooking. Baking. Table setting. Surprises. Joy. Love. Peace. I have not much to day,Except today, was a good day.Thank you. The Grinch

2020: 8

24 December 4 x 2 = 8 It is the night before Christmas ... it is also some level of lockdown with a curfew amidst the second of the pandemic. The usual cooking is scaled down immensely. I'm grateful for that. The levels of cooking we went to for Christmas was exorbitant usually ... and … Continue reading 2020: 8