45/2021/19: Last day of May.

That title is kinda catchy. Rhyming and things. State of mind. Random. I feel the feeling coming. The June vibe. Can't describe it. Birthday month. 30 more days of many things, anythings, getting wings. I woke up this morning to the beautiful sound of rain. The same rain that prevented me from going for an … Continue reading 45/2021/19: Last day of May.

45/2021/5: Monday things

Didn't feel like getting up this morning. Cold. I wanted to be warm. Cuddle. Just stay under the covers. In a little cocoon. Winter baby vibes. I need to get my winter gowns and clothes out. They're all vacuum packed somewhere in the garage. Everything feels like effort while I'm still lying in bed because … Continue reading 45/2021/5: Monday things