45/2021/16: Space for change

Do you think you've changed over years? I have in many aspects. I have also remained the same in other aspects. I find this fascinating. Do we make space for the changed us? Do we make space for friends who change? Do we grow with our friends or support, encourage and acknowledge their growth? I … Continue reading 45/2021/16: Space for change

2020: 37

25 November Prime number again. Interesting. Never thought about prime numbers intentionally until now. What fragrance am I leaving behind?Weird question, right?But I'm not referring to perfume or sweat or ... rather the spiritual. So, again .... what fragrance do I leave behind? When I leave a company or a room, what am I leaving … Continue reading 2020: 37

Day 14: 44 to 44 at 4:44

Intentionality: Friendship Since my brother mentioned intentionality years ago it's been a growing thought throughout my thoughts, actions, words and relationships. What is my intention when and how I say or do something? What is my intention in a relationship? Why am I in this relationship / friendship? Am I there for a specific goal? … Continue reading Day 14: 44 to 44 at 4:44