2020: 72

21 October Today.Wax day.Help day.Fix day.Coffee day.Check in day.Interesting day. Not sure if it's got to do with the moon or the stars or the heat or the wind or Paarl Rock or ... something was different today. Quite interesting. My car is my safe space (at the moment). The place where I think, speak, … Continue reading 2020: 72

Mezzo Piano – Taamlik Sag

Daar is iets aan die vryheid van mens se eie plek wat onderskat word wanneer mens in mens se eie plek woon. Mens word daaraan herinner wanneer mens na jare weer in jou ouerhuis moet woon en / of jouself in ander mense se spasies vind. Gewoontes wat ek het wanneer ek op my eie … Continue reading Mezzo Piano – Taamlik Sag