2020: 69

24 October Friendship today started with cake and cappuccino’s for breakfast. Hummingbird cake ... yum. It was delicious! Check in conversation, sustainable coffee mugs with the logo: stay rooted. Significant. The coffee was good. Cake was delish. Company was friendship = great! Idea sharing, product discussions, new possibilities. The inimitable Ms P. I thank you. … Continue reading 2020: 69

2020: 97

Oops! A little late 🙂 My maternal gran died on this day, 26 September, in 2017. It was also her and gramps’ anniversary. She died at the age of 97 on the 97th last day of 2017. Interesting. Today was long. I was emotional and tired. It was a good day to think about heart … Continue reading 2020: 97

2020: 98

She’s leaving. They’re leaving. All the preparations for this moment. Nerves and excitement. Sadness. Gladness. A new chapter. Reunited. Family together. So much to look forward too. We stay behind. Family. Friends. Happy for them. Joyful. Hidden sadness. First leg in South Africa. And then away ... destination will be reached on Monday. The conversations … Continue reading 2020: 98