January 2021 … Probation

I took a little writing sabbatical, 2 months short.Life took a wild, interesting, challenging turn.I decided that January 2021 is either the last month of 2020 or the probation month for 2021. January started out in quarantine. Covid 19 exposure. An uncle in hospital. An uncle discharged. Looking for carers. Cleaning house. Health. Health. Health. … Continue reading January 2021 … Probation

2020: 68

25 October Investment. Return on investment (roi). Thoughts on it. How do we invest in our relationships? And what is the expected return on investment when you make an intentional choice to invest? And what if the return is not what you thought / calculated / hoped it would be? Hmmm ... Disappointment maybe? My … Continue reading 2020: 68

The 4:44 PM: Closing doors

I have too many back doors open. Possibilities that linger. They're not really valid. False hope. Some are being fed on the odd occasion. False feeding. The past week confronted and reminder me with the almost forgotten back doors that I keep open. Automatically. It drains energy like a light forgotten on. Like a seemingly … Continue reading The 4:44 PM: Closing doors

Day 14: 44 to 44 at 4:44

Intentionality: Friendship Since my brother mentioned intentionality years ago it's been a growing thought throughout my thoughts, actions, words and relationships. What is my intention when and how I say or do something? What is my intention in a relationship? Why am I in this relationship / friendship? Am I there for a specific goal? … Continue reading Day 14: 44 to 44 at 4:44