45/2021/38: Just go with it

I slept in today. Chilled morning. It's quite interesting. It feels like I very rarely do that. I felt more tired when I woke up and got up. Like I slept too much. I didn't. I went to bed before midnight, but went to sleep after 3. Don't ask. One of those things. Brain not … Continue reading 45/2021/38: Just go with it

2020: 20

11 December 10 x 2 = 20 = 4 x 5 Today is the 20th last day of the year 2020. FYI. The day has been a quiet one. Covid 19 infections has been increasing; increasingly I hear reports of people close to me being exposed, in self-isolation and infected. A cause for concern. Especially … Continue reading 2020: 20