45/2021/33: The Stretch(es)

Giraffe Image by HowardWilks from Pixabay A friend sent me a 7 day, 1 minute a day stretch challenge. Just one minute. What impact would that make one would ask? Well, I started today. What I stretched feels better. I have forgotten how important stretching is and how good it is for one's body. And … Continue reading 45/2021/33: The Stretch(es)

45/2021/28: Childrens

I had to drop of a thing or two at my brother's place today. My 4 year old niece tells me that she wanted to send me a message on Dadda's phone, but Dadda said that the phone said that I am coming. I asked her what she wanted to tell me ... she said … Continue reading 45/2021/28: Childrens

January 2021 … Probation

I took a little writing sabbatical, 2 months short.Life took a wild, interesting, challenging turn.I decided that January 2021 is either the last month of 2020 or the probation month for 2021. January started out in quarantine. Covid 19 exposure. An uncle in hospital. An uncle discharged. Looking for carers. Cleaning house. Health. Health. Health. … Continue reading January 2021 … Probation