45/2021/43: Almost

Do you countdown the days to your birthday? I don't really. Never used to. Lockdown had me do it in 2020 because I decided to blog daily for the 44 days before my birthday. And here I am ... doing it again. Why? No idea. Probably for my own thoughts to be somewhere for reflection. … Continue reading 45/2021/43: Almost

45/2021/7: Lockdown Day 419 ZA

I think I stopped thinking about the pandemic and especially about the lockdown at some point in time. It has 'normalised'. When I see people without masks it feels abnormal / wrong apart from the fact that it is ... LockdownImage by J Garget from Pixabay So today when I saw on someone's post that … Continue reading 45/2021/7: Lockdown Day 419 ZA