45/2021/10: Fire. Art. Burn.

I can watch a fire for hours.A controlled fire in a fire place or a braai fire or a bonfire for heat.The flames kinda mesmerise me. The shapes, the direction ... and there's my Mom who likes to put egg cartons on the fire to make it burn ... I like it too because it … Continue reading 45/2021/10: Fire. Art. Burn.

45/2021/9: A walk at Vergelegen

Blessed. Grateful. Mesmerised.Roses. Trees. Life.Sunshine. Rain. Clouds.Love. Age. Friendship.Coffee. Walks. Conversation.Fragrance. Beauty. Breathe.Leaves. Branches. Roots. A beautiful morning at Vergelegen ... a walking coffee through the garden.Peeking through a hedge ... Silver leaves shining in the sunlightParentals. The love is evident. The little things.Driving into ... Ah ... trees ... such character ... age ... … Continue reading 45/2021/9: A walk at Vergelegen