20211213: blue monday

i didn't want to monday today. lethargic. tired. sleepy. no vigour. over it. went to the office. did some work. bleh. something has to change. it is going to. but first i need a holiday. i'm always amazed when i say that. i was unemployed for 4 years. i've been working since july 2021. month … Continue reading 20211213: blue monday

45/2021/5: Monday things

Didn't feel like getting up this morning. Cold. I wanted to be warm. Cuddle. Just stay under the covers. In a little cocoon. Winter baby vibes. I need to get my winter gowns and clothes out. They're all vacuum packed somewhere in the garage. Everything feels like effort while I'm still lying in bed because … Continue reading 45/2021/5: Monday things