45/2021/12: AA, the Gem.

Today is the birthday of a friend.No names. No trimmings. No drama.He's been around the block with me a few times. Feels like forever. Ups, downs all arounds. We take walks together and drink wine together and talk together and discuss things together. Rolled our eyes for each other, talked in hashtags for a bit, … Continue reading 45/2021/12: AA, the Gem.

Overwhelmed, but shining

It happened. I wasn't even aware of it. And then it was over and I realised what had happened. The details are inconsequential. What is important is the other side. Last week had elements of death, friendship, pressure, busyness, children, documents, unnecessary drama, necessary procedures, debt, cars, clients, question marks, blessings, grace, smiles, heartsmiles, parents, … Continue reading Overwhelmed, but shining