45/2021/26: Weird vibes

This morning I woke up with a mission. Clean the kitchen, make breakfast for parentals, cook for dinner and meet a friend for coffee at 12. Sometime during the morning my tomorrow check in was moved to today for after 2pm. Great! Full day! Weird vibes ... I feel off-ish. Someone in the back of … Continue reading 45/2021/26: Weird vibes

2020: 16

16 December 4 x 4 = 16 = 2 x 8 16 December is the 16th last day of the year, every year!!! Very interesting. For me. 🙂 The Parentals are married for 46 years today! I heard a few amusing wedding day stories today! Why did they wait 46 years to tell a person? … Continue reading 2020: 16