45/2021/3 (2nd ed.): thought

Saturday. A grey one. Rainy. Pies. Fresh goods. Support. Friendship. Colleagues. Pepper steak. Butter chicken. Clouds. Wax. Eyebrows. Ouch. Siblings. Paella. Thoughts. You. Me. Us. Yes. No. Moment. Lifetime. Late. Too late. Job. Gratitude. Conversation. Laughter. Vaccine. After effects. Sleep. Wine. Periods. Back pain. Cold. Pain meds. Tired. Sleepy. Drive. Mood. Moody. Emotional. All the … Continue reading 45/2021/3 (2nd ed.): thought

2020: 33

29 November 11 x 3 = 33I used to love the 11x table up until 11 x 11 ... then I'm done. Lol! My best friend from primary school up until mid high school has her birthday today. I wished her. It's quite interesting how we were friends and how we grew apart. Nothing happened. … Continue reading 2020: 33