45/2021/9: A walk at Vergelegen

Blessed. Grateful. Mesmerised.Roses. Trees. Life.Sunshine. Rain. Clouds.Love. Age. Friendship.Coffee. Walks. Conversation.Fragrance. Beauty. Breathe.Leaves. Branches. Roots. A beautiful morning at Vergelegen ... a walking coffee through the garden.Peeking through a hedge ... Silver leaves shining in the sunlightParentals. The love is evident. The little things.Driving into ... Ah ... trees ... such character ... age ... … Continue reading 45/2021/9: A walk at Vergelegen

45/2021/3 (2nd ed.): thought

Saturday. A grey one. Rainy. Pies. Fresh goods. Support. Friendship. Colleagues. Pepper steak. Butter chicken. Clouds. Wax. Eyebrows. Ouch. Siblings. Paella. Thoughts. You. Me. Us. Yes. No. Moment. Lifetime. Late. Too late. Job. Gratitude. Conversation. Laughter. Vaccine. After effects. Sleep. Wine. Periods. Back pain. Cold. Pain meds. Tired. Sleepy. Drive. Mood. Moody. Emotional. All the … Continue reading 45/2021/3 (2nd ed.): thought