20211213: blue monday

i didn't want to monday today. lethargic. tired. sleepy. no vigour. over it. went to the office. did some work. bleh. something has to change. it is going to. but first i need a holiday. i'm always amazed when i say that. i was unemployed for 4 years. i've been working since july 2021. month … Continue reading 20211213: blue monday

The 4:44 PM: Single-(e)ish

I joint a singles course recently ... faith-based. I don't think I've every really given it real thought. Going through life without a 'my person'. The assumption was just always there that at some point in time there would be a somebody for me and we would choose each other. Someone who would share the … Continue reading The 4:44 PM: Single-(e)ish