Look. See. Breathe.

Today ... I had to run a few errands ... I continue to look around. Victoria Street in Stellenbosch remains one of the places where the seasons are evident. The trees stand through time and seasons telling us how time is continuing day by day, month by month, season by season, years go by ... … Continue reading Look. See. Breathe.

Day 29: 44 to 44 at 4:44

Hometown vibes I was born in Paarl and before moving to the place I call my hometown, at the age of 3, I lived in Wellington and Malmesbury. Hometown = Stellenbosch My parents are from other towns - Dad in the Cape Winelands, Mom from the Garden Route. Stellenbosch was new to all of us … Continue reading Day 29: 44 to 44 at 4:44