45/2021/44: Paper jets and fire

Fire woodImage by Paul Brennan from Pixabay Today the sky was grey. Rain was heard and felt and seen most of the day. I loved it. Winter baby things. I've always loved the sound of rain on the roof, on plants, amongst trees ... and the smell thereafter is one of my favourites. Lovely. Breathe. … Continue reading 45/2021/44: Paper jets and fire

Day 18: 44 to 44 at 4:44

Yellow A few months ago, late January or early February, I dreamt one night that I need to get up the next day and buy something yellow. At that point in time an advertisement kept popping up online showing me a long yellow dress sold by one of the local clothing retailers. I'd been considering … Continue reading Day 18: 44 to 44 at 4:44