45/2021/40: Be quiet.

In the silence my thoughts bubble up like water from a fountain. Continuous. Never-ending. Not always good or interesting. Somewhere else in my brain I wonder where all these thoughts come from and why they decide to bubble up today? Of all days? And I really do want to tell my brain to be quiet! … Continue reading 45/2021/40: Be quiet.

45/2021/38: Just go with it

I slept in today. Chilled morning. It's quite interesting. It feels like I very rarely do that. I felt more tired when I woke up and got up. Like I slept too much. I didn't. I went to bed before midnight, but went to sleep after 3. Don't ask. One of those things. Brain not … Continue reading 45/2021/38: Just go with it

February 2021: Lessons

Rest ... after all the January drama lessons blessings. A little trip. A breath. A deep one. Conversations. Many of them. Confessions. Many. A child. Children. Blessings. Wonder. Decisions. Rest. Needed. Taken. Awakenings. Realisations. Lies. Honesty. I needed to think. We're doing Rising Strong by BrenĂ© Brown at our book club. The conversations and realisations … Continue reading February 2021: Lessons