The FOuRGEry / SmeltKroes

Why am I blogging? Who am I blogging for? And why karisMatiek?

As I answer these questions the wifi wobbles and I lose all my words. Temperature rises, because why now? And THIS is what it is all about. TEMPERATURE

karisMatiek – if you know my name then you’ll know it’s just a little shuffle to charisma and what makes me tick. A little wordplay never hurt nobody!

The FOuRGEry – because change is happening – a lottle Forging is taking place through having Grit, adding Grind, applying Grace and showing Gratitude – the 4G’s … Welcome.

SmeltKroes – Afrikaans, my taal. Afrikaans, my boublokke. Afrikaans, my fondament. Die smeltkroes is die temperatuur waarteen iets smelt. Die suiwerhede en onsuiwerhede word geskei. Hier is temperatuur ook hoog. Wat kom aan die ander kant uit na die verkoelingsproses voltooi is. En dan … so af en toe ook ietsie te sê oor die Kroes van die krulkultuur …

Kom dans!

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Twitter: @karisMatiek

4 thoughts on “The FOuRGEry / SmeltKroes

  1. Your writing captivated my attention at the introduction as does the first few notes of a beautiful melody. I’m excited. I’m elated. I’m honored. Let’s read. Clearly this is about to be as beautiful as you are.

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  2. Hey there. …I did wonder about the title. Tx for putting your thoughts on paper….I will enjoy it. Did you see the article on the BBC page that spoke about Afrikaans? I’ll send it to you if not. My number is 0785474076

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