2020: 63

30 October Friday. Long day. It's the weekend. Hard lockdowns happening across Europe. USA election coming up. Covid 19 infections increasing in South Africa too. What are we thinking when hearing the news headlines? The ones I mentioned was just some of them.Murder. Rape. GBV. Incompetence. Brutality. Ignorance. Sometimes I do not want to deal … Continue reading 2020: 63

2020: 64

29 October 8x8 = 64 ... that's what happens when I see 64. The 8x table. Lol! Interest hey? The things imprinted in my mind. Standard 1 / Grade 3 ... I had a huge eraser with the x tables on it. I cooked twice this week. My food is done for the week. That's … Continue reading 2020: 64