Day 6: 44 to 44 at 4:44


Two monumental people of God passed away. Not from Covid-19.

One was world renowned apologist, RZ – his teachings have, do still and will remain part of my education and edification.

The other, a friend’s sister, MAPvH. Unapologetic, strong, intellectual. Great company, awesome family, heart people. A groundbreaking female leader, a first woman in many leaderhip position, a first black woman in many spaces.

People close to my heart experienced severe loss today.

I somehow feel at a loss for words. An ‘expected’ death and an ‘unexpected’ death. A heavy sadness, tears that want to flow and fall for my friends, their loss and their mourning.

What I want to do is go to them and hug them. Hold them until they know what that hug means and what I am trying to communicate but cannot somehow say. My words have little meaning now.

I can’t go to them. I can’t even hug them.

Death. Loss. Gratitude.

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