The 4:44 PM: Single-(e)ish

I joint a singles course recently ... faith-based. I don't think I've every really given it real thought. Going through life without a 'my person'. The assumption was just always there that at some point in time there would be a somebody for me and we would choose each other. Someone who would share the … Continue reading The 4:44 PM: Single-(e)ish

Die 4:44 VM: Voorreg

Ek besef in die week dat ek nog nooit regtig gedink het oor die woord 'voorreg' nie ... het jy al? voorreg.VOORreg.voorREG.VOORREG. Dit lees anders elke keer, ne?Die hoofletters wys die verskil uit met die beklemtoning ... voel vir my eerder na beklemming. Hmm.Dit lyk ook nie na 'n mooi woord nie. Noudat ek dit … Continue reading Die 4:44 VM: Voorreg