2020: 52

10 November

Another birthday.
My uncle.
79 today.
I took him a little cake with a treble clef. He’s the music man in the family … they all are … uncles and Dad … but he just has a way … and he has a theme song/ medley.
He laughed at the cake. Appreciated the visit. We had tea. He told me loads of stories … repeats and new ones. It was good.
Love lives here.
Amidst all the arguments and differences of opinion and famdram … he was and always is there to help and do what he can.
And at 79 he still does what he can for his community. Flaws n all. Church organist, contributions to help a seniors’ club in a struggling community, helping friends as far as he can.
Only love for the man.
Grateful to have him in my life.
Blessed to call him uncle.
Amused at all his antics.

To uncle D.
Happy birthday.
We loves ya!

Image by usman zahoor from Pixabay

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