2020: 25

07 December

5 x 5 = 25
Always loved the 5x table. It just felt like a vibe! And so does the 7x and 8x table. lol!

Today was the day for a chocolate cake. I just did all the grown up work. The Chocolate Cake Ninja, who is 6, did all the mixing and watching the cake ‘grow’ and asked very interesting questions about baking and why we shouldn’t open the oven while the cake is baking. The opportunity to teach and learn with the little people in my life is an absolute, indisputable blessing. I am grateful.

The cake icing was just completed when a knife was picked up and the cake was almost cut. I had to apply brakes to just get a photo!!! 😀 The sides we have to work on. Please note the hearts’ points were eating before icing was applied … coz the chef needed to taste!

Precious! Skills! Six!

We have much to be grateful for! Life is beautiful. Blessings.

I think I will be watching the Chocolate Cake Ninja expectantly …

The Chocolate Cake Ninja’s Chocolate Cake.
Yes, there is a knife coz the cake was about to be cut.
Coz there has to be a side view …

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