45/2021/10: Fire. Art. Burn.

I can watch a fire for hours.A controlled fire in a fire place or a braai fire or a bonfire for heat.The flames kinda mesmerise me. The shapes, the direction ... and there's my Mom who likes to put egg cartons on the fire to make it burn ... I like it too because it … Continue reading 45/2021/10: Fire. Art. Burn.

45/2021/6: Immaculate art

Stellenbosch sky, 7:24am, 18 May 2021Photo by karisMatiek This morning was a beauty! Got up early to go for a walk with a buddy. My phone couldn't and wouldn't have done justice to the sky at 6:45am. Darkness with a lick of fire in the corner where the mountains meet. I could only look up … Continue reading 45/2021/6: Immaculate art

February 2021: Lessons

Rest ... after all the January drama lessons blessings. A little trip. A breath. A deep one. Conversations. Many of them. Confessions. Many. A child. Children. Blessings. Wonder. Decisions. Rest. Needed. Taken. Awakenings. Realisations. Lies. Honesty. I needed to think. We're doing Rising Strong by BrenĂ© Brown at our book club. The conversations and realisations … Continue reading February 2021: Lessons