March 2021 – let’s do this!

This day.
The beginning for some.
The end for others.

It’s the third month of 2021. I feel like I haven’t done a single thing up until now, but I know that I’ve done a lot. Just because there’s nothing (no physical thing) to show for it doesn’t mean nothing happened (this needs to be repeated a couple of times still). Why do we feel the need to have proof of life? Proof of what was done in life? Proof …

Life. Love. Breath. Heartbeat. Thought. Idea. Memory.

There’s a sadness here today. A little soul. No more. Somehow my heart feels it more now than ever before. Maybe because I don’t have my own little heartbeats running around outside my body? Maybe because someone said it’s still a possibility. Grieve. Grief. Love lingers.

It’s March.
The first day of autumn here.
After a fire this past week(end). Gratitude to the firefighters, volunteers, other first responders and essential personnel working fiercely last week including this weekend.

I’m looking forward to what this month has in store. Also excited about gathering again with a few people. Tea / coffee / worship / cake / conversation / truth / questions. And there’s the continuing search … of many things, specific things, intentional things.

The beginning of the end of some things to make way for new things / life.
Look at nature.

Image by Aleksey Kutsar from Pixabay

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