2020: 50

12 November

Bridge of Sighs
Image by Karl Andrich from Pixabay

Sigh …
I sigh a lot. Without thinking. It’s like an automatic something. I never noticed it until my ex-colleagues told me to stop sighing. At first they kept asking me what’s wrong … and nothing was. I never even heard myself. I still wonder why that happens. Hmmm … I only hear myself sigh when there’s a real problem. A sigh worthy one.
I remember a time when the grownups (I was a children) told us that you shorten your life with 5 minutes every time you sigh?
Makes me think of all the other things that was said to scare us away from doing / saying things.

And yes … I typed in sigh and Bridge of Sighs come up … and yes, I sighed … a delightful sigh for travelling. Wouldn’t it be lovely to travel again soon? It would. But not yet. Explore local.

I miss living between the mountain and the sea.
It was lovely.
Or just the sea.
Or just the mountain.
Wait, I live close to the mountain now. 🙂 Look up. It’s a sight that has delightful sighs escape from my lips without thinking. Majestic things mountains are. Huge. Unique. Beautiful. Significant. Like a fingerprint. Peaks, folds, crevices, plants, trees, animals, insects, boulders … each mountain telling us about history of the earth. The height of the mountain indicating its age.
When I lived in Port Elizabeth I had a daily view of the sea … the Bay … eBhayi. It was magnificent. Coming home in the afternoon and sitting on the balcony just looking at the sea … come winter or summer (the balcony never got rain). Lovely. A place to relax and let the stresses of the day just seep away with hot chocolate, coffee or a glass of good wine.
I missed the mountain though – I like my mountains close by.

Photo by @karismatiek

No matter what my day looks like …
I look up to the mountain and it gives me strength and courage, it feels like wisdom, care, reverence …
I look to the sea and despite the complexities thereof, it brings me peace as if it knows my soul and I can just be me when I am there … comforted.

Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth
Photo by @karismatiek

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